Parts made by lost wax casting satisfy the diverse needs of various industries, thanks to the flexibility and the quality of our technology.We are dedicated to pursue the exquisite quality and accuracy, to provide products with more value.

Complex Shapes, Irregular Shapes, Three Dimensional Curves

  • Thin-walled shapes Guaranteed for high-strength, thin-walled three-dimensional shapes allow for light-weight products
  • Complex and atypical shapes We specialize in complex shapes and atypical interior structures, and offer a great deal of freedom in design compared with other production methods.

Cost Saving

  • Cams and Gears Cams and gears are traditionally made by machining process. Castem reversed the belief.
  • SKD, SKH, Stelite Manufacturing parts made of hard-to-machine material by cutting is extremely costly. The best way to make such parts is to form a similar shape by investment casting, then carry out precision machining to complete the shape.