What we value
Castem’s casting, which began with hand-crafting machine tools, has led to the perfection of lost wax and MIM techniques.
We hope that we want to help "people who make things" with our technology.
Company Motto
We will always promote technical proposals, quality improvements, and production reforms with the awareness that we are always half a step further of our customers.
Transformation into a group of products with high added value cannot be realized in one fell swoop.
It is a continuation of an “Half a Step Further” uncompromising stance.
Management Policy
Management policy 01.
Provide quality that is appreciated by customers.
Management policy 02.
Provide prices that satisfy customers.
Management policy 03.
Provide delivery time that will be appreciated by customers.
Action Guidelines
Behavioral guidelines 01.
Always think in the customer's shoes and act in good faith.
Behavioral guidelines 02.
Always correctly recognize the facts and act based on unwavering conviction.
Behavioral guidelines 03.
Always set high goals and act with courage that is not afraid of failure.
Behavioral guidelines 04.
Employees will always work hard with each other and act with cooperation and compassion.