Pani Pani Farm Project
Pani Pani Farm is located in Miyako Island (Miyako-jima) of Okinawa Prefecture.We grow delicious tomatoes that feature sweetness by taking advantage of the warm climate and abundant nature on this island.
“Pani Pani” means “energetic” in the local dialect of Miyako Island.We hope Pani Pani tomato makes you all more “energetic”.
Pani Pani Farm Project

The reason why Castem started agriculture

Agriculture Projects Have Started from One Employee’s Idea
In 2015, we asked our employees for some ideas for new businesses under the title of “Dream Meeting”, and one of the ideas was “agriculture.”
The reason why we participated in the agricultural business was to give our employees some options for the way they work. Also, it could create jobs and lead to the revitalization of the local industry.
But why did we start agriculture in Okinawa, which is located far from our headquarters in Hiroshima? It was because we wanted to help the local revitalization of the Miyako Island which our company president Toda has had a connection. He has a Guinness World Record for the indoor flight duration time of paper airplanes, and he has held paper airplane competitions on Miyako Island every year since 12 years ago. We had a chance to know the reality of the island that young people would leave the island after graduating from high school because there are few local jobs.
From the fact, we started agriculture to vitalize the local industry with the wonderful nature of the island. Even if it does not lead to an increase the employment opportunities immediately, we hope that the number of people on Miyako Island increase in the next few decades by making the agricultural products of Miyako Island famous.
Pani Pani Farm Project
We manufacture metal parts for all industries such as printing machines, machine tools, automatic machines, semiconductors, and medical equipment by precision casting (lost wax casting) and MIM (metal injection molding). Also, we are good at manufacturing complex and the variety of products in small lots.
Based on our belief that “we make a serious effort to create something”, we will continue to be involved in agriculture by utilizing our know-how such as data analysis and quality control in the manufacturing industry.
Main Varieties of Tomatoes
The characteristic of the tomato is rich flavor and fruity sweetness.
Since it has less acid and a milder taste, even those who are not good at tomatoes can enjoy it.
“Petit Puyo”
The characteristic of the tomato is its soft and juicy texture.
The small and sweet tomato is suitable as a snack.
“Petit Puyo”
The Tomato Cultivation Method
The tomatoes here are cultivated in the plastic greenhouses made of “Imec® film”, which are managed with the latest IoT technology.
Since the film has a lot of subvisible holes, the amount of water that is absorbed is so small. Thus, tomatoes build up the nutrients and sugar more than usual.
Therefore, tomatoes here have a richer and sweeter taste compared to the other tomatoes.
Main Sales Channel
Main Sales Channel
Island Station Miyako, Atarasu Farmers Market, Pani Pani Farm online shopping site
Pani Pani Farm Project
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