Paper Airplanes Project

May 8 Is Paper Airplane Day

An origami paper plane is created from a sheet of paper without cutting paper. Paper airplanes match well with the blue sky. Paper airplanes fly with your wish and love on the pleasant wind in May.
Paper Airplanes Match Well
with the Blue Sky

ABOUT About International ORIGAMI PLANE Association

“Origami Paper Airplanes Carry Your Big Dream”
Paper airplane can be played anywhere as long as there is a sheet of paper, so many children all over the world might have enjoyed it at least once. The ways to have fun with paper airplanes are unlimited such as the flight duration, flight distance, and also design. We are working to share the depth and fun of paper airplanes with people all over the world.
Paper Airplanes Project

ACTIVITY Activities of International ORIGAMI PLANE Association

We share the fun of paper airplanes by holding some events all over Japan.
We promote the spread of paper airplanes to people all over the world. Our purpose is to contribute to the sound development of children around the world, intergenerational exchange, and world peace by promoting manufacturing and cultural exchange. We also conduct training to be certified instructors.
  • 01
    Holding of Some Paper Airplane Lessons and Events
    Holding of Some Paper Airplane Lessons and Events
    We hold some paper airplane events all over Japan.
  • 02
    Challenge to the Guinness World Record
    Challenge to the Guinness World Record
    There are various Guinness World Records related to paper airplanes in the world.
  • 03
    Free Paper Airplane Diagram
    Free Paper Airplane Diagram
    The instructions of Takuo Toda’s original paper airplanes are introduced by difficulty level with illustration.


  • Toyomatsu Paper Airplane Tower
    Toyomatsu Paper Airplane Tower
    This is a tower 26 meters in height, which is located on the top of Mt. Yonami at an altitude of 663 meters. It was created to fly paper airplanes.
  • The Only “Paper Airplane Museum” in Japan
    The Only “Paper Airplane Museum” in Japan
    Paper airplanes and hundreds of works that were collected from artists in Japan and abroad have been exhibited in the museum. It is possible to make and fly paper airplanes while taking a lesson from instructors.

COLLABORATION Various Programs for Paper Airplanes

JAL (Japan Airlines)
Through paper airplane lessons, approximately 1,900 certificated instructors are trained in the JAL group.