Jinseki Strawberry Farm Project
Jinseki Strawberry Farm is located in Jinsekikogen, Hiroshima Prefecture.The area is a plateau at an altitude of 400m and it is cool even in summer.
We grow delicious strawberries in the area that is suitable for the strawberry cultivation.The red and plump strawberries are full of our hearts and affection.
Jinseki Strawberry Farm Project

The reason why Castem started agriculture

Agriculture Projects Have Started from One Employee’s Idea
In 2015, we asked our employees for some ideas for new businesses under the title of “Dream Meeting”, and one of the ideas was “agriculture.”
The reason why we participated in the agricultural business was to give our employees some options for the way they work. Also, it could create jobs and lead to the revitalization of the local industry. In fact, many employees living in Jinsekikogen are working at the farm actively.
“Jinseki Strawberry Farm” is located in Jinsekikogen, Hiroshima Prefecture.
One of the main industries of the town is agriculture with the rich natural environment. There are many local specialties such as tomatoes which are grown with clean water and shining sun.
Also, we have a connection with Jinsekikogen since we have managed the “Toyomatsu paper airplane tower” in Toyomatsu, Jinsekikogen, so we decided to start farming there for the further revitalization of the town.
Then, why did we choose strawberries among many other crops?
This is because the climate of the town is suitable for growing delicious strawberries.
Jinsekikogen is located at a high altitude, so it is cool in summer, and marked temperature swings adapt to good strawberries.
Jinseki Strawberry Farm Project
We manufacture metal parts for all industries such as printing machines, machine tools, automatic machines, semiconductors, and medical equipment by precision casting (lost wax casting) and MIM (metal injection molding). Also, we are good at manufacturing complex and the variety of products in small lots.
Based on our belief that “we make a serious effort to create something”, we will continue to be involved in agriculture by utilizing our know-how such as data analysis and quality control in the manufacturing industry.
Main Varieties of Strawberries
“Beni Hoppe”
“Beni Hoppe” is a large strawberry known for its perfect balance of sweetness and sourness.
It is also popular as a strawberry for processing use since it has a vivid red color.
The Strawberry Cultivation Method
The strawberries here are grown in raised cultivation to improve operating efficiency and controllability. The cultivation is managed by our original soil and drip irrigation.
The Strawberry Cultivation Method
Main Sales Channel
Roadside station Sanwa 182 station, Jinseki Strawberry Farm online shopping site
Main Sales Channel
JIN Premium
In 2021, our strawberries that were grown in Jinseki Strawberry Farm were certified as JIN premium and also adopted as the return gifts of the Furusato Nozei program (hometown tax donations).
*JIN premium certifies something special in Jinsekikogen as Jinsekikogen’s premium brand called “JIN premium”. Also, it introduces its attractions to people inside and outside of the town. It aims to contribute to the local industrial promotion and revitalization by enhancing the visibility of the town.
JIN Premium
698 Shinami, Jinsekikogen-cho, Jinseki-gun, Hiroshima 720-1415, Japan