Possible to create parts without molds at a low cost. Perfect for trial manufacturing
Lost wax × Digital
Digital casting is a metalworking process that uses a resin model as a prototype. The resin model would be made by the 3D printer and the casting would be conducted in the same flow as lost wax casting.
It is suitable for casting products that do not require a mold, and for trial production in small lots.


Not required mold production and tooling cost as conventional lost wax casting
Possible to cast difficult-to-cut products from one piece without tooling cost
Reduction of work period made it possible to deliver products in two weeks
Good at creating 3D complex shape
Possible to handle with various materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum

Examples of Proposals

Verification of the prototype by casting without a mold from each one when examining multiple shapes
Verification of the prototype of different materials in the same shape
Verification of the strength for casting products

Manufacturing Process

D printing
01. 3D printing
Create resin model by 3D printer
 Ceramic coating
02. Ceramic coating
Coat about 4 to 6 layers of ceramic liquid and powder on the wax tree.
Mold firing
03. Mold firing
Burn out the 3D printed model by heat completely, and sinter ceramic mold.
04. Casting
Pour molten metal into the mold.

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Classifications Materials
Carbon steel S25C, S45C
Chromium molybdenum steel SCM415, SCM435, SCM440
Nickel chromium steel SNC415, SNC815
Nickel chromium-molybdenum steel SNCM220, SNCM439, SNCM616
Tool steel SK105, SKS3, SKD11, SK85, SKD61
High-speed steel SKH51, SKH57
Austenitic stainless steel SCS13 (SUS304), SCS14 (SUS316), SUS303, SCS19 (SUS304L), SCS16 (SUS316L), SCS18 (SUS310S), SUSXM15J1
Martensitic stainless steel SCS1 (SUS410), SCS2 (SUS420J1), SCS2A (SUS420J2), SUS440C
Precipitation hardening stainless steel SCS24(SUS630)
Ferritic stainless steel SUS430
Duplex stainless steel SCS11(SUS329J1)
Heat-resistant steel SCH13, SCH21 ,SCH22
Special steel SUJ2 ,SUP10 ,SUM23
Cast iron FC200 ,FCD500
Aluminum alloy AC4C ,AC7A
Copper alloy CAC102 (pure copper), CAC302 (HBsC2), CAC403 (BC3), CAC703 (ALBC3), CAC802 (SzBC2), CAC502A (PBC2), CAC203 (YBs C3), CrCu (chromium copper)
Cobalt alloy Stellite 12

Size Guides

Minimum size approximately 4cm
Maximum size approximately 30cm
Minimum weight approximately 30g (minimum thickness: 2mm)
Maximum weight approximately 30kg