To be your best business partner
Manufacturing companies face various issues such as Iot、AI、SDGs、Sustainable, decarbonize. Raising productivity, high quality, and a defect rate as close to zero as possible have been told as Japan's basic stance on manufacturing. Although, I think that excessive kaizen has made companies rigid and has become a constitution that cannot think flexibly. CASTEM aims to be a company that thoroughly continues to make attempts to attract new needs that have never been seen before. I would like to review once again the very old stereotype like “this shape and this material are only for this application” and reincarnate it with a completely new form and material with current technology. And we want to walk with pride as a partner, not as a subcontractor to our customers. We will be the brand-new manufacturing company that freely repeats changes and combinations like an amoeba while possessing a basic pyramid structure, and the whole is harmonize. We will draw a future forecast that everyone will be excited about.
CEOTakuo Toda


CASTEM Group's passion for manufacturing has driven us to work for human resources development. Setting up "a division working on paper airplanes." is its prime example.
A single piece of paper turns into an airplane flying over the great blue sky, and a small technical effort makes different trails.
Such a small experiences leads children to future efficient engineers. From a small factory to a leading developer of technology, our evolution never ends.