Basic Philosophy
CASTEM Co., Ltd. considers it is the responsibility of a company to respond to the needs of the times and customers and to contribute to the development of society. The current global environment has experienced many serious environmental problems since the era of mass production and mass consumption in the 20th century, and we recognize that sincerely addressing environmental problems is one of the important management issues, and we will continue to promote environmental management activities.
Management policy 01.
Continuously improve the environmental management system in accordance with the environmental management system of Eco Action 21 in order to promote environmental management activities.
Management policy 02.
We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations, and agreed to environment-related requirements, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
Management policy 03.
Revise our original operations and work to improve profitability by implementing continuous improvement activities.
Management policy 04.
In addition to striving to conserve resources and energy, we will work on the operation, management, and recycling of CO2, waste, water, and chemical substances.
Management policy 05.
Engage in the management of chemical substances contained in products and implement green purchasing in order to respond to green procurement requirements.
Management policy 06.
In our business activities, we will always give consideration to coexistence with local communities, strive to prevent pollution to local communities, and contribute to the preservation of the local environment.
Management policy 07.
Inform all employees of the environmental policy and provide education to recognize the importance of environmental management activities.
October 1, 2021 (Formulated)
Implementation of green procurement
Implementation of green procurement
With the cooperation of our business partners, we purchase environmentally friendly products and purchase Eco Mark products (office supplies, etc.) (34 items in total in fiscal 2012 ~ 2020). In addition, we will respond to requests from customers for green procurement surveys with sincerity with a user-first mindset and strive to reduce environmental impact.
Implementation of the 3Rs of industrial waste
Implementation of the 3Rs of industrial waste
In addition to reducing industrial waste emissions, we are promoting recycling and effective utilization. In 2015, we began recycling a portion of paper waste as RPF (solid fuel made from paper waste, etc.) and will continue to implement initiatives to promote the 3Rs (effective use).
Acquisition of ISO14001 certification (planned)
Acquisition of ISO14001 certification (planned)
We have obtained ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, as one of the methods to promote various environmental management activities. We establish an environmental management system and operate our business in accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system to reduce the burden on the environment and improve the environment.