Trade name CASTEM Co.,Ltd.
HQ, Plant 1808-1 Nakatsuhara, Miyuki-Cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan
Sales base Hiroshima Sales Branch
Tokyo Sales Branch
Tachikawa Sales Branch
North kannto Sales Branch
Nagoya Sales Branch
Hamamatsu Sales Office
Osaka Sales Branch
Kyoto Sales Office
Kyusyu Sales Branch
Business Descriptions Lost wax precision casting, metal injection molding parts, ceramic injection molding parts, FRP injection parts, Design and manufacturing of jigs, Design, manufacturing, importing, and exporting of precision parts, Event planning and sales promotion, agribusiness
Affiliated companies Pani Pani Farm Castem Co.,Ltd.
Established Feb,1970
Capital 79.96million yen
Employees Number of employees: 300
Site area 15,169 m2
Equipment High-frequency induction furnace, Aluminum induction furnace, Heat-treatment furnace, Vacuum dewaxing-sintering furnace Electric discharge machine, Wire-Cutting machine,3DCAD/CAM, Precision milling machine, NC milling machine Barrel machine, Grinding machine Oprical emission spectrometer, Metallographic microscope, Density of arrangement analyzer, CNC Coordinate measuring machine, Vickers hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, X-ray analysis machine, Image Dimension Measurement System, Leak tester, Gear rolling tester, Molding filling simulation,3D scanner, CT scanner,3D printer