CASTEM Mold Making Process
Introduction of our mold-making process.
Mold-making is one of the most important processes to start production. Therefore, it requires advanced technology that considers mold design, and processing method precisely. This technology can be acquired in a short time at CASTEM since the environment of human resource development is in place.
CASTEM Project History Vol.2
Project with TAIYO SEISAKUSHO Co., Ltd. that expertise in seafood processing machine development
CASTEM Spirit Vol.1
Interview with an experienced staff who is in charge of sales in the Tohoku region
Introduction of CASTEM Kyoto LiQ, one of our branches that provide manufacturing places and 3D scanning service
CASTEM Philippines Corporation Japanese staff
Interview with Japanese staff working at CASTEM Philippines
CASTEM Virtual Adventure
Introduction of the manufacturing process of lost wax casting from worker’s perspectives
CASTEM Our Passion and Challenge for Manufacturing
Introduction of our casting technology, lost wax casting, and MIM
CASTEM Philippines Corporation
Introduction of our factory in the Philippines