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    Product Development Following Market Trends
    Product Development Following Market Trends
    “2 minutes and 27 seconds”
    This is our fastest product development time from manufacturing to release.
    “Reiwa Guinomi (JPY 3,500)” was released as the first item that contained a new era name after the announcement of the new era name. It was frequently reported by the media and sold over 4,000 in three days.
    Have you ever been in trouble with a tight deadline and short development time?
    With a comprehensive manufacturing process from the design phase (2D, 3D) to the production phase, we have been able to achieve a shorter product development time.
    For example, we adopted 3D printers earlier than other manufacturing companies and have applied them for product development to follow marketing trends.
    【Examples of product】Giant water bug figure, Reiwa Guiomi, Hanpanai necklace, Face shield
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    Product with an Outstanding Story
    Product with an Outstanding Story
    The story behind the product gives impressions to customers. It also leads to topicality and additional value for the products. For example, we have created some products by taking a mold from celebrities or scanning real objects.
    If the collected information is converted into 3D data, it can be enlarged, reduced, and edited freely. Therefore, the range of commercialization will expand as you like.
    In addition, it is possible to create products that are faithful to the original such as metallic characters with our precision casting technology.
    【Examples of product】Naoya Inoue fist trophy, Yuki Saito figure, Shachihoko, Robin Mask, Bear claw fork, SADAKO
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    Manufacturing Going Viral
    Manufacturing Going Viral
    We are actively developing “something that is not in the world yet”.
    We can create products that are likely to become hot topics of conversation by utilizing the strengths of "development speed" and "story behind the product".
    It helps to attract customers and increase sales dramatically thanks to a lot of media exposure and posts going viral on social media throughout the year.
    【Examples of product】Banana hammer, Smartphone light cover, Miniature tools set, Yuki Saito face sticker

Product Experience

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
Saitama Seibu Lions
Chunichi Dragons
Cerezo Osaka
Kashima Antlers
Sanfrecce Hiroshima
New Japan Pro-Wrestling
All Japan Pro-Wrestling
Bowling Revolution P-League
Nissin Foods
Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions
Ohhashi Boxing Gym
Biologist hebifrog ch
Fukuyama City
Fist of the North Star
Super Robot Wars
Maseki Geinosha
Sony Music Artists
Hiroshima Television
RCC Broadcasting
MP Promotions
Kenji Yanobe
Shu art studio
Fukuyama Akenohoshi Girl’s High School Alumni Association
Fukuyama Heisei University
Kosen Junior High School
Hiroshima University
Hoshino Resorts
Hotel Ofutei
Momentum Factory Orii
Tabimachi Gate Hiroshima
Kusado Sengen Village

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