Castem aims to create a working environment where employees who got married, are pregnant, or gave birth can smoothly return to work, and where employees who are raising children can easily combine work and parenting. In addition, Castem takes into consideration its corporate social responsibility of supporting next generations and its contribution to the region. To achieve these objectives, the following action plan has been formulated.

1. Period: April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2023

2. Contents (below)

Objective 1
(1) For female employees who wish to continue working after marriage, Castem will set up, promote, and run a specialized consultation service that offers assistance with social insurance during pregnancy or after returning to work, and with various related procedures.
(2) Castem will set up a system to facilitate reduced working hours and provide support at work for employees with children in lower grades of elementary school. Castem will complete the details of this system and promote it.
(3) Create an environment that makes it easier for fathers to participate in childcare, increase the number of male employees taking childcare leave, and provide support.
[Actions to take and enforcement period for achieving the objective]
By the end of March 2023: Set up a childcare center and provide support to balance work and child-rearing
By the end of March 2024: Disseminate information on male employees taking childcare leave in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Objective 2
To reduce overtime work, further promote and continue organizing overtime-free days.

[Actions to take and enforcement period for achieving the objective]
By March 2023: Introduce Birthday Vacation
By March 2023: For those who take paid vacation more than eight times a year are given strawberries, tomatoes, etc. grown in-house as an incentive.

Objective 3
Carry out activities other than the above to support the education of next generations from the standpoint of corporate social responsibility and regional contribution.

[Actions to take and enforcement period for achieving the objective]
By March 2023: Actively accept internships by university students, local high school students, and middle school students, and investigate how to increase the frequency of these internships and the number of participants.
By March 2023: Investigate the possibility of accepting internships abroad, in particular for university students. In addition, specialized in-house lecture will establish for internships in Japan.