U.S.Pantented fine forming technology for precision metal parts production

Metal Injection Molding(MIM) is a next generation technology that enables production of complex three-dimensional parts, accurate to the millimeter. Parts made of hard-to-machine materials can be manufactured by MIM. MIM is expected to play a significant role in making micro-parts for medical and electronic devices.


Making small or irregular-shaped gears by machining is costly.
By switching to MIM, production cost can be reduced, and the quality on quantity production will be more stable than machined gears.

Irregular holes and screws

Forming irregular holes by machining is costly. MIM can make irregular holes at the same cost as round holes.
In addition, MIM can bring positive results for the production of special screws, that are difficult to machine.

Thin walls

MIM is suitable to make thin-walled parts, which is quite difficult with sheet metal processing.

Sharp edges

Knife-like sharp edges can be formed by MIM.