Staff introduction


My reasons for deciding to join the company

I am interested in working in sales, and when I looked at the Castem website at university, I thought they did more interesting things than other companies.
After listening to various talks at the company information session, I got more and more interested in Castem, and I strongly felt that I wanted to work in their sales department, which is why I eventually chose them.

Enjoyable aspects of the job (what makes it worthwhile) / Challenging aspects of the job

A sales visit where the prospect shows interest.
During sales visits I carry out public relations (PR) activities, but there aren't many prospects who are interested.
I try to implement various improvements in my PR activities and when a customer shows interest as a result, I feel very fulfilled.
An interested prospect means I get to work on such things as blueprints and quotations. That is why I carry out PR activities to get all my prospects interested.

How I spend my days off

On my days off, I practice golf with my boss and my senior co-workers.
I enjoy it very much, because every time I go around the course, my score goes up.