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Since our establishment, we have been manufacturing metal parts for diverse industries,providing a full support from die/mold-making to machining to meet our clients' needs.
With the strict quality control and integrated production system,we are able to offer competitive delivery time and price.
Additionally, working with reliable business partners(subcontractors) enabled us to provide a full support from materials to finished products.

Production flow

Die/mold making next

• High Precision Die/mold Making

Our experienced engineers provide services beginning with meetings with clients on die/mold design.We produce high precision die/mold, considering post-process.

• Process Choice

We recommend the most suitable processing method, judginhg from the shape, cost, and delivery time comprehensively.

Metal injection or Lostwax next

• High Strength & High Precision

MIM(Metal Injection Molding) can make complex shaped & high-strength parts with high precision.MIM is suitable for small parts production and for processing materials that are not suitable for cutting process.

• Complex Shape & Three Dimensional Shape

Total cost can be reduced by integrating several parts by lost wax casting.

Inspection next

• High Standard Quality Assurance

Strict inspections are carried out to meet clients' requirements.

Machining next

• Machining, Finishing

Final Step Before Delivery

Plating next

• Plating & Assembly(Outsourcing)

We contract out the surface treatment and assembly to our highly skilled business partners.As a comprehensive manufacturer of metal parts, we support clients in the entire production flow.