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Pursuit of quality

ISO9001:2008 Certification

• The delivery from CASTEM products to the world

We deliver quality products to various industries around the world.ISO 9001:2008 certification in every processes is just a milestone.We keep focusing on the quality in every aspect of our business.

Quality Test

• The utilization of advanced analysis and testing equipment. CASTEM brand's products are manufactured under a strict system of quality control.

Most of our products work inside machines.Stable performance of machines can be achieved by reliable parts.That is why we pursue the quality in our products.We are making effort to satisfy the required accuracy and durability by carrying out various tests and inspections.

X-ray analysis machine
• X-ray analysis machine

We, CASTEM, use an X-ray analysis machine not only for an examination, but also making conditions such as position of Gate or temperature which are needed to make products. We make effort to reduce defective products.
X-ray analysis machine

Leak test
• Leak test

Composite parts and pressure-resistant parts require high airtightness.Leak test is carried out on those parts.

Metal constituents analysis
• Metal constituents analysis

An emission spectrophotometric analyzer with 42 calibration curves is installed to check materials on puchase and on pouring molten metal.

Three-Dimensional Measurement
• Three-Dimensional Measurement

CMM is used to check complicated shaped parts.

Metallic structure analysis
• Metallic structure analysis

Metal structure is checked after casting.